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Fattoria di Corsano



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In our estate is possible enjoy and buy two of the best tuscan products:
the extravirgin olive oil, produced by Az. Agr. Fattoria di Corsano, owned by us, with the traditional method;
a selection of the best wines of "CANTINA SOCIALE DEL CHIANTI E DEL CHIANTI CLASSICO", of which our farm is in membership and gives the grapes of Chianti produced in the vignards around the Villa di Corsano.

LA RIBOLLITA - perfect to test tuscan oil and wine.
Also called ZUPPA DI FAGIOLI or MINESTRA DI PANE. To prepare this soup, it is a good idea to prepare the beans and the bread the day before as the beans need to cook for about 2 hours, and the bread should be stale. Make a big minced onion fry in the oil (the fantastic olive oil from Corsano, of course), then add the following vegetables cut in thin slices or strips: carrots, celery, potatoes, cabbage, beet, black cauliflower. This soup is excellent to empty your fridge before leaving for your vacation in Tuscany... Stew slowly for a few minutes and add the cooking bean broth, 1 litre of water and a glass of tomato soup. When boiling add the beans, one half entire one and the other half mashed. Add salt and pepper, cover and cook for an hour. In the meantime cut the bread, which must be stale, into thin slices. Put in a soup plate, alternating bread layers and soup. Let the compound rest for some minutes and serve with a touch of olive oil. Buon appetito.

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